Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Kill Your Enemy Just in 1 Hit - Gunbound


I have a good news for Gunbound gamers (Gunbounder) !!! Because I've found a cool cheat that can help you to kill your enemies just in 1 hit !!! This cheat name is 1 Hit KO Gunbound Cheat. So, let's download it now by click the link below :

Download 1 Hit KO Gunbound

Password: kucing666

Before you use this cheat, you should to use ICE and be a master (room owner). You can use Pro Shoot to make it easier.

After you downloaded 1 Hit KO Gunbound cheat, read the tutors below :

  1. Open Start > Control Panel
  2. Folder Option
  3. View Tab
  4. Uncheck "hide extension for known file types". But if your "hide extension for known file types" didn't checked, leave this step
  5. Open IXFS.exe
  6. Click IXFS on the top-left
  7. Open XFS archive
  8. Find your Gunbound graphics.xfs (example D:\Gunbound)
  9. Choose graphics.xfs then click open
  10. Drag characterdata.dat that I given to the IXFS
  11. Finalize Archive
  12. If there a question, choose "YES"

Now you can kill all of your enemies just in 1 Hit by using 1 Hit KO Gunbound Cheat! Good luck guys!

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