Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

God Mode Gunbound

GunboundNot Must Login

If you're playing Gunbound (GB), I think you must download God Mode Gunbound cheat in here! It's absolutely Free for you! God Mode Gunbound is a popular cheat in the Gunbound (GB) world. It will help you to play Gunbound. I also share the tutorial "How to use God Mode Gunbound" in here! To download God Mode Gunbound, you can click the link below :

Download God Mode Gunbound

For the tutorial "How to use God Mode Gunbound", you can read it below :

  1. Extract the file
  2. Open ixfs.exe
  3. Target your Gunbound's Graphics.xfs
  4. Drag characterdata.dat to the IXFS
  5. Finalize Archive, if there is a question click "Yes" to it!
  6. Finish...!


To activate God Mode Gunbound :

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Tools
  4. Folder Option
  5. View
  6. Remove checklist from "hide extensions for known file types" option
  7. Open IXFS.exe
  8. and Happy Cheating ^.^

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