Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Download Dota Patcher | Auto Update Dota Map


If you want to automation update Dota map, you must download Dota Patcher. By using Dota Patcher you will get the newest version of Dota Map. Dota Patcher is an useful tool for a gamer like you! It will update your Dota Map to the newest version. Here's the full features list of Dota Patcher :

Dota Patcher

  • Automatically downloads new versions of DotA and displays the changelog!
  • Replaces the Warcraft III Icon on your desktop
  • Options to select additional programs (such as ListChecker) to run with Warcraft III
  • Run any combination of programs, (GGC, Banlist, LC, etc) in any order, automatically
  • Displays the latest news from!

Dota Patcher is cool! Right? To download Dota Patcher, you can click the link below :

Download Dota Patcher

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