Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Dota 6.60 Bug - Jah'rakal & Admiral

There is some bug in Dota 6.60, and now I'm going to tell you about Dota 6.60 Bug. The bug is happened to Jah'rakal and Admiral. For Jah’rakal, the bug is we can have 2 Quelling Blade (actually, we only allowed carrying 1 Quelling Blade) and we also can farming easier :D And the bug for Admiral is we can get infinite Quelling Blades. Sounds cool huh? You can find more bug in Dota 6.60 from the internet. Search it by yourself guys ^.^

Here’s the Jah’rakal Bug tutorial :

1. Pick jah’rakal and learn Berseker Rage

2. Buy 1 Queling Blade and activate Berseker Rage

3. Buy 1 more Queling Blade and deactivate Berseker Rage

4. And now you have 2 Queling Blades…!!! (farming be easier now)

Ok, that’s all the bug for Jah’rakal

Now, here’s the Admiral Bug tutorial :

1. Pick Admiral and buy 2 Queling Blades

2. After buy 2 Queling Blades, you must buy a courier

3. Drop your courier and then click “Transfer Items” as many as you want

4. Done! Now, you can make tons of Queling Blades ^.^
But, it’s useless because Queling Blades have no sell price :(

This bug in Dota 6.60 is useless actually, but it can make our game be fun :D

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