Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Download Perfect World Trainer


Perfect World (PW) trainer is an useful tool to help us to use cheat on Perfect World game. Perfect World trainer can be used to remove the wall. That's cool huh? :D If you press F10, you can zoom the view. And if you wanna setting zoom, you just need to use the mouse scroll. Download Perfect World trainer is absolutely Free! But, before you download it, read the useful information about it first.

Here's the hotkey for Perfect World (PW) trainer :

F10 : Zoom

F11 : Wallhack

F12 : Hide Wall

Numeric + : Fly enable

Numeric - : Fly disable

If you're interesting to download Perfect World trainer, you can download it from Cheat Directory | Find Your Cheat Here!

Perfect World trainer has been protected by a password. Here's the password : clozerz

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